Signal Radio Syndicate T&Cs

These terms and conditions are in addition to Signal Radio's usual T&Cs and Competition Rules.


1) This syndicate is being run on Signal 1 & 2 for one Euromillions draw only on Friday 10/08/12

2) Entries into the syndicate need to be received by 7.30pm 10/08/12 (BST)

3) Syndicate members need to be over 16 to join; and live within the Signal Radio Transmission area (http://www.ofcom.org.uk/static/radiolicensing/mcamaps/al089.pdf)

4) Signal Radio will nominate 1 station employee as the syndicate manager, who will be responsible for further distribution of prize winnings.

5) Once Signal Radio have totaled the prize money, this will be divided equally amongst all members. If each member is entitled to the cash value of less than £0.01; then a monetary value cannot be redeemed by any member of the syndicate and the winnings will be given to Help A Signal Child

6) In the event of a value of more than £0.01 per syndicate member; then each syndicate member will need to collect their cheque from Signal Radio's reception. ID will be required. Winners will be notified within 28 days; and a further 28 days will be provided to collect cheques after notice of syndicate winnings being sent out.

7) If the divided total is a non monetary value; for example £10.32526; then this value will be rounded down to the nearest penny. So in the example given, each winner will receive £10.32.

8) Failure to redeem within 28 days means it's no longer valid. Any excess funds & non collected monies will be donated to Help A Signal Child.

9) Only eligible syndicate members are able to collect monies won, anyone deemed not eligible will have their monies donated to Help A Signal Child.

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