Johnny Owen at Breakfast

The Johnny Owen Breakfast show has been on the air for nearly ten years and nobody has more fun in the morning !! Have a go at the most popular competition on Breakfast Radio "Where am I”. Our "Film in 5 seconds” game is always great fun.


Join in with our talking points of the day  and every day we get a call from our friend Jimmy the riddler , He’s a great lad and has always got a tale to tell. You can choose our "Great Golden Oldie of the day”  and help out our listeners with  the TV trivia question of the day. After nine o’clock we go back to the days when "The top 40 was fab”


It goes without saying that the music is fantastic and we keep you bang up to date with all the travel information and the latest news on the half hour.


The Johnny Owen Breakfast Show is Sponsored by Kirkhams Jewellers

Once I realised that I was too tone deaf to be a pop star and too small and useless to be a footballer it was always going to be radio for me.