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Born at an early age to Ken and Edith, I was sent up chimneys as a child to loosen soot by flapping my ears…. OK, not strictly true, let’s start again! After early education at Crewe’s Brierley Street infants and junior schools respectively ("The Borough School”) I went on to study at Crewe County Grammar School for Boys, having made my parents day by passing my Eleven Plus and if you can remember that, you’re older than you look. Several years in the retail trade followed but in my heart of hearts I always knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to be on the radio! However, the confidence was lacking until I reached my mid-20’s, via mobile discos, hospital radio and nightclub work. I started at Signal in 1987, answering the ‘phones for Phil Gayle, I got the sack from that but I must have made good tea as I was kept on-board for other work, including on-air stuff and I became an "official” Signal presenter in 1989, staying until 2007 and eventually become part of the management team. I had a ball! The nightclub work continued more-or-less throughout this period so hello to you if you have fond memories of any of the following haunts from years gone by…..The Cheshire Cat and Gregories in Nantwich, Stafford’s Reynolds Bar, The Ferryman and The Cotton Club over in Wrexham, Times Nightclub in Market Drayton, Déjà vu in Whitchurch, Valentinos and Creation in Hanley, Fatty Arbuckles in Newcastle (hey Macarena!) and last but not least, Sunday nights at Hanley’s Jumping Jacks…. great years. I was tempted away in 2007 and invited to become involved with the launch of a brand new radio station in the North East, a wonderful part of the country where I made good friends and discovered a delicacy called a Parmo….. if you think a bacon and cheese oatcake’s a bit heavy on the calories you should try one of those babies on a Friday night! I was fortunate enough to enjoy continued success up there but the curtain came down in June 2010. These days I’m a bit too big to go up chimneys so I was delighted in August 2010 to be invited back to Signal a piece of my heart has always been here. It’s like being back in the arms of an old friend.


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