Wednesday Blog

As you probably know I'm virtually addicted to watching The Talking Pictures Channel on Sky telly. Old black and white films from donkey's years ago, nearly all of them starring Jack "Dixon of Dock Green" Warner. If he's not in it ,you can bet your life Alfie Bass or Alistair Sim will be in there somewhere. At the moment I'm watching "The Millionairess". Both Alfie and Alistair are in it but it stars Sophia Loren and Peter Sellers and unusually it's in colour. This is the film that turned Peter Sellers from a happy go lucky family man into a raving nutcase, some say monster. He became so besotted with Loren that he phoned her constantly day and night to declare his underlying love. It mattered not if his wife and kids were in the room and could hear every word, in fact Sellers told his wife and children that he would soon be leaving them to shack up with his new beloved. Sophia Loren remained unmoved and Sellers eventually gave up but by all accounts he was never the same man.

In fact, the only member of The Goons who was a full shilling was dear old Harry Secombe.  Spike Milligan. Sellers and Michael Bentine were all bonkers. Spike always said he got his eccentricity from his father. When he was young Spike woke up to see the nearby Crystal Palace going up in flames. He called his dad in to the bedroom. Both of them watched the fire for a few minutes until his dad opened the window, shouted "Navajo" and went back to bed.

Talking of Spike he is a regular guest on another Talking Pictures programme called "Tell me Another" in which show biz legends like Spike, Arthur Askey .. Jimmy Jewel .. Diana Dors and Warren Mitchell look back on their early days in the business. The stories are not bad but the 70's clothes are the real talking point.

I always go to bed after "The Scales of Justice" introduced by Edgar Lustgarten, the greatest name in the history of TV.

Double Duck Egg and chips for tea with 2 rounds of bread and best butter.

Have a great night.