Tuesday Blog

Thanks for all your Christmas Cards that have been really flooding in this year. Very kind of you.

On the show in the morning !!!

It's National Rheumatic Awareness Day ... I can think of only one song that mentions rheumatic ... Any Ideas ?

Something was invented 80 years ago tomorrow, and it really comes into it's own at this time of year ?

Prince's William and Harry both have cameo roles as storm troopers in the Star Wars film that premiere's tonight. William says it's his one true claim to fame, Not sure about that.. But what is your Claim To Fame ?

The current Mrs Owen loves to remind me of the time, back in 1976 when she snogged Steve Harley. That's all very well but I've danced with Kathy Dooley !!

Not to mention the time that I had Quiche chips and beans with Adam Ant in The Pineapple Pub in Stockport.

And. of course Lulu once gave me the filthiest look .... although she denies it now.

Plus anything else you want to talk about in the morning .. please get in touch !!

Chicken and Pasta for tea. Have a great night.