You know they're there.....

Is your world inhabited by 'the invisible' - like mine is? Here at Signal Towers we have a dishwasher (yes, we're spoilt) but somehow the crocks seem to just throw themselves in at all angles! Plates and bowls stacked in dubious piles, cutlery flung around at random - but here's the strange thing..... NOBODY ever does that. EVERYONE claims to place their dirty stuff gently and correctly into the machine - SO.... the culprit is someone invisible - and they must creep in while we're not looking.....

Who left those toenail clippings on the bathroom floor at your house? Must have been a ghost having a pedicure! The wet tea bag in the sink? 'Oh, it wasn't me'.... (it never is) :-)

However, the strangest 'invisible entity' ever isn't a person at all... When you went to your car earlier today was there a spider's web across the wing mirror on the driver's side? Now, be honest - have you EVER seen the spider?

DJ  :-)


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