Who's for a deep and meaningful Pot Noodle?

A busy old Monday Breakfast on Signal 2 - but not as busy as the fire-fighters were who had to get 20 COWS out of the canal at Burland over the weekend - can you imagine the splashes? I can only assume one of them fancied a dip and the rest followed suit. Anyway, the cows are fine and so are the fire-fighters so well done to them. Milkshakes all round. A pat on the back? Probably not....

Question for you - would you say Pot Noodles have 'a meaningful impact on the planet'? How about Marmite? The brand owners say they may DROP several  successful brands which don't 'contribute meaningly to the world or society' including Magnum and Cornetto ice-creams AND good old Bovril.... not the kind of statement you normally get from a company boss! It's Unilever playing the 'environmentally aware' card although certain financial folk are suggesting it's an easy way to start breaking-up the company - we'll have to wait and see. Some of those brands are highly desirable, of course - but what if they go to Mondelez? You know what they've done with Cadbury's chocolate and all the unusual flavours - who's for a Marmite Cornetto or a chicken Pot Noodle Magnum?

Nicki Minaj - remember her and her bees in the trap? - has dropped hints that she might be expecting.... a baby I mean, not a bee. To many teenagers these days she's known as 'who?' - the big hit was back in 2015 and since then Cardi B has kind of stolen her thunder so Nicki's more of an 'old cardey' now!

Have you read the '5 ways to have a stress-free morning' piece in The Guardian today? All good advice but meanwhile, in the real world when the bread's gone mouldy and the cat's just been sick in your trainers.... :-)

See you Tuesday Morning on Signal 2!





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