'What did you just say, mum?'

It's Mothering Sunday weekend - aaaaah! Lovely. Hello to mums everywhere. Earlier today someone here at Signal used the phrase 'She wants putting in a bag and shaking-up' and it SO made me laugh - I haven't heard that phrase for donkey's years and my mum used to say it.... so we put the two things together; 'What did / does your mum say that will ALWAYS remind you of her?'

It went utterly bananas with people joining-in! here's a few of my favourites.....


'If you don't stop crying I'll give you something to cry about!' (Great parenting there  lol)

'Stop fidgeting! You're like a fart in a colander!'

'Who do you want to smack you - me or your father?' (Hmmmm - let me think about that offer, mum!)

'You look like you've been sent for and won't do'

'Don't look now but look who's coming!' (eh?)

(For lost items) - 'It's in Annie's room, behind the wallpaper'

(For grazed knees and bumps) - 'Come on! No tears! You'll get worse than that before you die!'

LOTS of great 'What's for dinner?' ones - including a certain item 'sugared'....! and....

'Bread and butter and laugh at it!'

'Bees knees and chicken's elbows'

'Leg of nothing and no turnips'

'Two kicks at the pantry door' ('Pantry!' Now THERE'S a word!)

Sue's mum was fond of saying - get this - 'He's like a pig in a jigger!' She never did find out what it means....

How about 'You know what thought did, don't you? Followed a muck cart and thought it was a wedding!' ('Muck cart' - even better than 'Pantry'!)

Janice's mum used to say 'It's enough to make a monkey bite his mother!' - how fabulous is that? But better still - 'It's enough to give your a*se a headache!' :-D


Finally - and poignantly - Martyn spoke about his mum, who USED to say lots of funny things but now has dementia and has forgotten them all... however, earlier this week he went to see her and as he held her hand she simply said 'I love you, son....'

If you're a mum - big hugs from me x



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