On the day that Gary Lineker reveals he's asked the BBC to pay him slightly LESS money this year - give that man a crisp! - they've revealed changes to the way our Eurovision song is being selected - oh, GIVE over, BBC! NOBODY within Europe is EVER going to vote for us ever again! We could ask Adele and Ed Sheeran to write and perform a song together - it might be the best love song ever and sell a billion but we'd STILL come last - just behind the 77 year-old Polish washer-woman with only one tooth and a 3-string balalaika. You know, we might just as well enter someone who's getting slightly past it and has a track-record of singing off-key.... (and if 'she' happens to be busy that night perhaps Rylan might like to have a go - well, he's doing everything else on TV at the moment!)

I love the story about the woman who dreamed that some lads were about to steal her engagement ring so she swallowed it - in the dream - with a glass of water; when she awoke, guess what? Down the hatch it'd gone! She'd acted-out what she was dreaming! Rather than allowing nature to take it's course her doctor decided they'd better get it back out as it's a ring with sharp edges (matron) - it's now back on her finger and she's looking forward to saying 'I do'. I hope they don't want her necklace, watch and ear-rings as well in the next dream or she'l be walking down the aisle like a small branch of H Samuel....

Have you seen the video of Nicole Sherzinger howling her eyes out on 'Australia's got talent'? Very emotional, bless her - a young man entered stage-left and got his didgeridoo out. Enough to bring anyone to tears.

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