''Two flakes and a squirt of raspberry juice please''

Who doesn't like a 99? (Steady now....) A nice, twirly cornet with a bit of chocolate in - what's not to love? However, ice cream vans are becoming less and less common as we go through the years and it's being suggested today that they COULD go the same way as milk floats... oh no! The vendors say it's because kids don't play out as much these days and parents tend to buy ice cream in the supermarket instead. Thing is, many ice cream vans are made in Crewe so on Signal 2 Breakfast we say ''Whoopee for the Whippy'' and lets keep those vans jingling on the roads! Apparently, electrically-powered vans are the future so we can do away with the diesel fumes.... mind you, the price of a couple of strawberry Mivvis is enough to give you the vapours....

Did you know that the light your mobile phone emits could be giving you a 'sweet tooth' of an evening and making you hungrier than normal the following morning? This is according to the Daily Mail.... what a fabulous excuse though! ''Have you eaten that big bag of Revels all to yourself?''.... ''I had to - I had a WhatSapp. By the way, have we got any bacon?''..... ''Oooh, you greedy pig''..... ''Pardon? Pass me a Walnut Whip will you, just in case I go on Facebook'' 

Refills for trigger bottles of cleaning fluids are now a thing - sort of 'concentrated gloop' that you pour into the empty squirty bottle and then fill-up with water. Great for the environment but not QUITE so good when you start to realise how much water they've flogged you over the years.....

i see astronomers have discovered a radio signal coming from somewhere far, far away.... they're not sure what it is but I like to think that if you listen carefully there's a Mel Scholes jingle in there somewhere :-)

Till tomorrow morning - keep yourself pure for me!


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