There's an app for that....

Good fun on Signal 2 this morning as the 'Wheel of Cheese' stopped on 'YMCA'..... I skillfully avoided playing the whole damn thing! Joanne was on line 3 and won today's tickets for the fabulous Nantwich Show. I always get my arms mixed-up with 'YMCA' and end up staying at the Co-Op instead.

There's a new phone app for new parents that tells them when it's time to change the baby's bum - it uses little sensors in the nappy. I'm sure the best sensor is probably the baby (you know there's a certain 'howl'?) or mum's and dad's noses.... 'Oh no - pass me the nappy bag.... and don't bother saving me that Bolognese, I've gone off it now'  :-)  There's also a Twitter thing on the go about apps we OUGHT to have because we're British - suggestions include 'Ginstergram', 'What colour, what bin, what day?' and 'Fish-finder' to discover the nearest chippy! 

A scientific spat's on the go today concerning global warming with new evidence suggesting it's not our fault after all and it would have happened anyway because of solar cycles....not everyone agrees - it's certainly warm out there right now eh? I guess we'll all keep doing our best for the planet whenever we can. By the way, doesn't a 'solar cycle' sound like a bike ride around Westport Lake in the sunshine? 

Here's a phrase for you - 'Water-based passive body heating'... in other words 'a nice, warm bath'. Scientists have just confirmed (again) that having a bubbly bath about 90 minutes before bedtime will help us get a good night's sleep - aaaah, lovely. A nice, long sleep before you wake up at 3 in the morning in a cold bath :-)

Anyway, I can't hang-around here all day yakking with you, I've got pots to side! See you in the morning - ''Alexa - play Signal 2 Radio from Tune In!"




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