''The wheel of cheese''....

This morning on Signal 2 Breakfast we discovered that a 'cheese restaurant' is opening down in London - and we want one up here! It's going to work in the same kind of way the sushi restaurants do, with the food on a conveyor belt going round and around..... as well as cheeses to choose from there'll be cheese dishes as well - souffles, cheese-on-toast and so on. What a joy! The only thing not quite right is that the food - rather than going round -  should, of course, be in a triangle.....

The fabulous Carol Vorderman - who could probably have me if she played her cards right - says she gained a STONE in weight after she had her coil fitted - what was it made of, cake? Carol looks stunning for 58; must be all that lovely sea air in Prestatyn. Obviously stretches your face a bit as well.

We all make decisions that we regret in later life and this morning we wondered how the man who's just had Nigel Farage tattoed onto his thigh along with the legend 'My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard' might be feeling about his artwork in a few years time... 

Well done to Dianne who won our Signal 2 Breakfast Show mug today - I reminded her not to scrub it too hard 'cos the lithographing's dodgy and me face comes off :-)

Thank you for having me!

DJ  x




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