'Smile for the camer - oh....'

Wednesday Breakfast on Signal 2 and EVERYBODY'S doing that Facebook photo thing where you turn-into an older version of yourself.... hands up if your normal photo makes you look like you've done it already!  :-)

Stories you may have missed include the man arrested at Barcelona airport for trying to smuggle drugs under his wig - hair-raising or what? - and the chap in the USA who found an injured baby bird but was hideously drunk at the time so he sent it to the vet's in a taxi; the chick has been hand-reared and is doing well but the man's bank account isn't looking so chirpy! (Is that what they mean by 'gullible'?)

You know how sometimes you see a slightly bizarre news story and think 'Ooh, I wonder where that is?' - and then realise it's on your own doorstep? Newcastle-Under-Lyme is in the national headlines this morning with the new-look subways around the Queen's Gardens which have just been re-painted with animal characters and 'take your litter home' messages - admirable stuff - but some people say the animal paintings look a bit rude...... have a look yourself if you happen to visit the town. I like Newcastle - the shops are great, it's still busy on Saturdays and the gardens are kept looking lovely; the only thing I HAVE noticed is that sometimes in the Queen's Gardens the whiff from the subways is a bit stronger than the roses.....! Maybe that's being attended to as part of the refurb.

It's 'National Ice Cream day' - hoorah! Mister Whippys all round! In London there's a restaurant celebrating by selling ice cream topped with fried chicken and chips.... it's not for the likes of us, is it? Sounds appalling - saves on the washing-up, mind.

The old 'jungle drums' have started beating for the next series of 'I'm a celebrity' and my spies tell me Francis Rossi from Quo has been approached and that Gemma Collins might have another crack at it. Last time she only lasted for 3 days.... if she DOES go in it's almost a guarantee that the public will make her eat all the nasty stuff..... maybe a kangaroo's bum and an ostritch eye.... Francis singing away in the background - ''Chucking all over the floor''.... 

Thank you for having me! 

Dave J x





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