One small step for a man....

'Men who only take small steps when they walk tend to be less successful when it comes to the ''basics'' of romance' - that's according to a report in one of the papers today; they actually weren't QUITE as subtle with their wording! It's to do with stretching the pelvic muscles - the girls know all about stuff like that already - so, gentlemen - we must 'stride out manfully' and walk more quickly! Got that? A sort cross between John Wayne and John Inman - off you go.... :-)

Could green TEA be the saviour of mankind? Scientists have discovered that anti-oxidants in it help to bring anti-biotics 'back to life' - just when we thought their efficacy was about finished. Could be a 'stop gap' until they find something else. Next time you're gasping for a brew and someone obliges if you say ''ooh, you're a life-saver'' you could be closer to the truth than you think....

Are our cats as emotionally attached to us as our dogs? Scientific studies suggest they are but I'm not so sure - our Morris gave me a smack in the face with his paw yesterday when we were having a cuddle (claws tucked in, thank goodness) - cats do things like that! It's knowing what to expect from them, isn't it? Let's just imagine you fell over at home and got stuck - the DOG would come belting over - ''Oh NO! Are you alright?' The CAT - 'Oh NO! Who's gonna put my food out if you're messing about down there? Anyway - shift it, big bum - you're making the place look untidy. I'm just nipping out for a wee....'

Amongst all the bad news and mither my job is to lift your morning - wanna join me for breakfast? 'Alexa - play Signal 2 Radio from Tune In' (or I can be inside your Google, Sonos etc) / Signal 2 app / signal2.co.uk / regional DAB & 1170AM / two baked bean tins and a bit of string.... :-D


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