Not Rylan AGAIN!

He may be the nicest guy in the world but I REALLY can't be doing with Rylan on my telly - you probably have certain ''TV people'' that make you switch-over as well.... If Bradley quits 'The Chase' and they give it to him I can never watch it again! I wouldn't mind but every time he flashes those radioactive teeth I have to turn the contrast down.... He's on everything! What will they give him next - 'Newsnight'? 'Question Time'? :-)

I'm delighted to see that a Sainsbury store in London which tried to go fully self-service has had to capitulate and go back to having some conventional check-outs because the customers rebelled and queued up at the customer service desk to pay instead - yay! 'Self-scanning' is AWFUL and simply a way for companies to get rid of staff. To my annoyance at Morrisons in Knutton if you fancy a cuppa and a slice of cake after your shop you now have to scan it in yourself - well, no thank you, Morrisons - I'll just go somewhere else until you remember how to start doing  your job properly. 'Soup of the day' - mmmm, delicious but what is it? It's ''mystery soup'', there's nobody to ask! If we ALL rebel they'll learn soon enough!

This is slightly worrying.... in a survey of over 2000 folk around a fifth of them thought that goat's milk might be vegan. I'm guessing those were the ones wearing an acrylic pullover from a polyester sheep :-)

You on for breakfast with me? ''Alexa - play Signal 2 Radio from Tune In'' / regional DAB & 1170AM / Signal 2 app - see you from 6am!

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