More than just 'cool'....

This morning social media loved a teenager named Dorothy who, having had her mobile phone confiscated by her mum, tweeted using the FRIDGE! I've checked the Signal 2 fridge - it doesn't so much 'tweet' as creak when you open the door so maybe we need a new one :-) 

It's always unfortunate when friends fall out and when they're famous EVERYONE gets to know about it fairly quickly these days.... my showbiz spies tell me that 'Will and Grace' stars Debra Messing - who is Grace - and Megan Mullally - who plays Karen, the scathingly funny one - may not be seeing eye to eye.... a few cryptic messages from Debra and then a message where she talked about The Emmys and tagged pretty well EVERYONE connected with 'Will and Grace' except for.... yep, Megan. Do you suppose they've had words.... or is it just Debra Messing? (Oh, come ON - it was worth it just for the joke!)

I see the new railway company for the West Coast main-line is already bursting with promises - more trains, improved punctuality and station improvements; they also mention 'easier pricing structures'. What we actually all want are 'CHEAPER pricing structures' but that one hasn't been promised - what a surprise!

How do you fancy 'chlorinated chicken' for tea? Well, if we end up doing a trade deal with the USA their farming lobby say that's exactly what we might get; a guy named Zippy Duvall (yes, I know) says we'll have to accept THEIR standards and lump it. Here in the UK we don't have to wash our chicken in chlorine because our farming standards are higher - although if you wanted to be extra-safe you could always go swimming at Fenton Manor and take it with you, I suppose.... Anyway, this morning on Signal 2 Breakfast I suggested old Zippy might like to 'zip it' - but I mustn't be TOO judgmental - we might be glad of his chlorinated cluckers if things don't get sorted out over the next week or two! It's all cock-a-doodle do's and dont's eh?

Why not say to YOUR Alexa tomorrow morning ''Alexa - play Signal 2 Radio from Tune In''? See you from 6am  :-)

Dave J




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