Missed the breakfast show fun?

This morning we welcomed back Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp! Wednesday evening was awful - I had to ring about 50 friends just to find out what they'd had for their tea....

The latest 'must have' for ladies on the beach is apparently the 'transparent bikini'.... (yes, I know...) - the pants aren't see-through but the top is; however, it has something that looks a bit like a line of black tape built-in to preserve a little modesty. Want one? ''That'll be just under £500 please, madam...''  WHAT?!!!  Instead, why not have a 'Blue Peter' moment and make your own with a polythene bag and a bit of duct tape? Can't imagine it's gonna be much fun ripping the tape off, mind....

Isn't it great that Andy Murray's got his mojo back? All excited about playing mixed doubles with Serena.... I see the BBC have taken to playing a bit of music sometimes when the players walk onto court. Maybe Andy's will be a bit of hip-op.

I get paid for this, you know..... :-)  Dave J  x

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