'Let it snow, let it snow....!''

Did you wake up with me this morning on Signal 2? You did? Marvellous! You might have heard me talking about the world-famous 'Cat and Fiddle' - the pub that's up in the clouds (and sometimes the snow!) on Buxton Road - you know, when you've climbed-up from Macclesfield; it's been shut for a while but the good news is it'll come back to life next year as a pub, shop and - get this - a whisky distillery - wooo-hoooo! I reckon customers will be praying for heavy snow - ''Lock me in, lock me in!"

On the subject of comestibles I see that BAKED BEAN cupcakes are now a thing.... yuk! Apparently they're only available in London. Probably no more than they deserve.... :-D  Also - how do you fancy wine-tasting in the dark? We apparently buy most of our wine based on whether or not we like the bottle rather than knowing our grapes so Lidl are having wine-sampling sessions with the lights off so we can discover the ones we like without being influenced by how the wine looks - good eh? You know, if I was running it I'd have to be naughty - maybe replace the third wine with a nice glass of Ribena.... "I say, Tarquin - this sweet one's delicious! The quintessential essence of blackcurrants!"

The name Luke is back in fashion and apparently it's becoming an increasingly popular DOG name - especially with the new 'Star Wars' film out in time for Christmas... not a bad name for a dog, I suppose - after all, you'd feel a bit silly holding out a handful of kibble in the park and bellowing "C3 P-oh! Sit!"

Tomorrow on Signal 2 SOMEBODY will win TEN THOUSAND POUNDS - will it be you? There's still time to get involved! Pop Signal 2 on to find out more - it sounds great when you ask Alexa or Google to play it on your home speaker - or find us on regional DAB, at signal2.co.uk or (if you must!) good old 1170AM - and I'll see you in the morning! :-)

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