Just when you thought.... :-)

This morning on Signal 2 Breakfast we all tried to behave and 'play nice'. It got very rude on Monday - I blame you for encouraging me - but just as I'd managed to get through most of today's show without referring to gussets up popped a report about staying 'fresh and dry' in middle age....! Apparently, it's an issue for millions of us; I myself only realised yesterday that I might have a problem when I stood in the sunshine and a rainbow came out. 

'The next person to walk on the moon will be a woman' says NASA - and so it should be but of course the jokes have started about women drivers of space rockets and their parking capabilities - I have NO room to talk! I'm the one people point at in Tesco's car park - ''Have you  SEEN how many times that bloke's tried to get into that big space?'' and if I piloted the mission to the moon we'd probably land in Fegg Hayes or something. But I DID feel slightly better after Erica's admission - last year in the Lake District she parallel-parked perfectly but left the handbrake off and as she shut the car door it rolled gently but firmly into the car in front....

It's seems to have been generally well-received that the part of Newcastle-Under-Lyme where Sainsbury's used to be isn't going to be built on just yet and instead - for now - it'll be used as a sort of 'celebration area' for fun-fairs, circuses, ice rinks and so-on - isn't that a good way to get people back into town? A great idea for the old supermarket site and much more fun that queueing-up with two pints of semi-skimmed and a small Hovis!

£500 for a pot of tea? Give over! Folk are paying for it though at an upmarket London hotel.... it's a special blend, you see - described as ''an extraordinary liquor with a smooth, light texture'' - is that before or after the addition of three sugars and a good slug of sterilised milk though? :-)

Anyway, I'm just off to slat a red-box Aldi bag into a mug - see you in the morning :-)  (''Alexa - play Signal 2 Radio from Tune In!")

Dave J







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