'Johnny come home....'

I've had SO much fun looking after Signal 2 breakfast for Johnny - how outrageous is the Signal 2 audience early doors? :-) Amongst other stuff we discovered that Newcastle apparently has a 'multi-florey star park', women make better forklift drivers than men - but men are FAR better when it comes to having 'selective hearing'; we like a 'chickling dinner' with 'vejabulls'on a Sunday and Elaine drinks 'delapidated milk'.....Jenny in Blurton refers to toilet roll as 'botty blotty' and Sue from Cannock doesn't have a 'smallest room' in her house - it's a 'log shed'!!!

We also grimaced on finding out that lurking deep within the recesses of listeners' store cupboards there was a Christmas pudding from 2003, Homepride cook-in sauce from 2005 and Paxo from the turn of the century.....

Johnny Owen returns on Monday - I'll see you back in our normal place together at 10am. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for having breakfast with me  :-)

Dave J x