It's 'Jo-Jo la Banana' here....

I blame you for encouraging me.... this morning on Signal 2 Breakfast we discovered how to make your own 'Burlesque' name by using the first 1 or 2 letters of your last name, adding 'la' and then the last thing you ate. It got rapidly out of hand.... didn't it, Co-Co la Melon, Dee-Dee la Muffin, Go-Go la Croissant, Pee-Pee la Prawn, Wha-Wha la Weetabix and - here's one for you - Ba-Ba la Lamb? 

It was like one of those old 'Opportunity Knocks All Winners Shows' this morning - free tickets for the soul night and John Miles' 'Music' helping Jean to win the Signal 2 Breakfast Show mug (she's 'Smee-Smee la Eccles Cake' by the way but wouldn't let me write that on the address label - phooooo).... we gave the Friday 'Wheel of Cheese' a spin too and it stopped on 'Dance yourself dizzy' - WHAT a Friday song!

To anyone who regularly nips up-and-down the A500 in Stoke - stick to the 50! New speed cameras might cost you £100 if you go over the limit AND they're being extended from Hanford all the way down to Wolstanton.... Just get up ten minutes earlier, I'll be here for you.

The Nantwich Show was called off earlier this week because of the weather - now, the massive Rewind Festival at Capesthorne Hall is ALSO cancelled - no!!! How much is THAT going to cost the insurers? Enough rain! Take it away! If anyone this week says to you ''Well, it's good for the garden'' knock their tea over and run off  :-)

Stay pure for me until Monday - and thanks for waking up with Signal 2 - the figures are in and lots more folk seem to be doing it! Remember - "Alexa - play Signal 2 radio from Tune In"....

DJ  x


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Mark Goodier playing Climie Fisher - Love Changes Everything