''I'm not having THAT in my kitchen!''

When I asked the question 'What's the ONE thing you remember from your childhood home that you SWORE you'd never have in your house as an adult? Did you stick to your vow?' the phone lines and social media went nuts! I love it when you join in - here's a list of just SOME of the best responses.....  :-)

Net curtains

Toby jugs

'A coat rack in the kitchen - my parka always smelled of chips'

Tin baths

A copper canopy over the fireplace

Plastic bath racks


Vesta Ready Meals

'Only having a coal fire to heat the whole house'

China figurines (sorry, former paintresses and designers!)

'Tiles with budgies on them' (  !! )

Magnolia walls

Nylon bedsheets

'That vile picture of a child with REALLY big eyes, crying'

Pressure cookers

Teapots thick with tanin because they never got washed

'One of those hideous, knitted crinoline dolls on the toilet roll'

Pot horses

'A sitting room nobody was allowed to go into'

Brass ornaments

'Mellow Birds' coffee

Pink toilet seat covers and pedestal mats

....and finally, from Brad - the ONLY one I have to disagree with.... 'A drawer full of rubbish in the kitchen - paper bags, old plugs, rubber bands etc'.... oh Brad, no no no! EVERY house needs a drawer like that - even in 2017!


See you soon on Signal 2 :-)  

Dave J x




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