I remember it SO clearly.....!

We discussed 'earliest childhood memories' on the show - the response was phenomenal so I thought 'Let's share a load of these just as they were written - a great bit of Christmas reading'. Please read right through, though - the last one is very special......


Joan - My grandad taking me to see the steam trains at Wolstanton colliery

Becky May -  I remember being about 3 and having a split lip. When I was older my dad said it was cos I tried to stand up in my pushchair, fell over and split my lip!

Jason - Falling in my relatives fish pond... !!

Michael - My sister burnt her dolls head on the fire as she wanted to warm her up

Tony - When I fell off my scooter and I dislocated my thumb. I ran home crying my eyes out. My mum grabbed it and pulled it back into its socket.

Ed - Summer 1960. Travelling on a tram from High Street, Sheffield to Millhouses Park. We'd gone there so I could go in the paddling pool, but it rained all day, so mum and I sat in a shelter in the park and watched trams at the terminus. She had packed a 'picnic' of boiled ham in bread cakes.

Simon - Mine is standing in the snow talking to a horse. Somewhere near Stanley, Co Durham. My mum tells the story that when I was about 2 I left the house... when she couldn't find me she was frantic with worry. They eventually found me in the field with the horse stroking it on the leg and saying "Nice doggie!"

Mel - My earliest memory was us moving house when I was about 3 , I don't remember the actual move but remember my mum taking me to the local shop and sitting me on the counter while she was talking to the shop lady

Sue - Mine was cutting my leg on barbed wire, trying to look at the rabbits in someones back garden. My grandma gave me a slap because she had to take me to the clinic for stitches. Lol

Mel - My earliest Christmas memory is having my talking Bugs Bunny in bed, pulling the cord a few times and him saying 'What's up Doc?' closely followed by my dad saying "Put that away, it's 2 o'clock in the morning!"

Mark - Having a bath in grandmas kitchen sink

Mal - Tumbling backwards on to a drive, after panel fencing give way, that I was climbing. I'm sure the lasting affect is still with me.

Kevin - Kicking my brothers feet when we were in our twin pram

Barry - 3 years old. Being taken out to the top of a hill in the middle of a field. Stormy day, but I had been housebound for 3 months as I had been a carrier for polio, and we had been quarantined!

Sean - Sticking a small pebble up my nostril to see if it would fit. Unfortunately not so easy to remove.....

Kev - I can remember sitting in Tamworth Castle Grounds throwing biscuits at a bird. My mum told me I was about 4 at the time. I can't believe that I can remember that far back.

Davo -  I remember picking up someone elses chewing gum up off the pavement and eating it. Mingin hey!

Tony - Mine was escaping to gran's house next door by getting under the chicken wire in the back garden - she gave me pop and biscuits

Mark - I was in hospital, standing crying for my Mum as in those days there weren't allowed to stay! I had a long smock on and I was holding on the bars of a large cot.....

Ian - Watching a 'muscle man' doing weird things with his shoulder blades whilst sitting on the potty in front of a coal fire

Doreen - I was naughty and said I didn't believe in Santa and didn't want any presents - I was given a pillow case full of cinders from the fire

Nikki - I was 6; I found my mum's make-up bag and proceeded to 'make myself beautiful'. What a mess! Mum came into the bedroom and was FURIOUS - fortunately, dad did too and laughed so much he started to cry, which set mum off laughing too. I was forgiven. I still remember sitting in the bath having it all scrtubbed off me with Matey and a flannel.

Tony - Singing 'Climb, climb up Sunshine Mountain' at Sunday School in Porthill

Des - I took all the clean white washing off the maid and put it in the coal scuttle

Miriam - I cried and cried after I dropped my beloved teddy in some sloppy dog dirt outside - but mum rescued him and washed him clean and fresh. What a horrible job it must have been!

Will - Singing with Manchester Boys Choir in the Town Hall and being terrified

Phil - I was 5 and watching Trumpton. The TV went 'BANG' and gave a big flash of light - I seem to remember the tube had exploded or something.  I screamed and weed myself! I still remember mum pulling the plug out in panic and all the smoke in the room.

Linda - I was about 5 and Mum and Nan were doing washing in the 'Dolly Tub' - I thought 'Ooh, Dolly Tub' and demanded to be allowed to wash my dolly's clothes! I was told to stay away from it but I disobeyed, climbed up, fell in and almost drowned. Mum pulled me out and when I was breathing properly she dried me off and then smacked my legs!

Chris called me in the studio - he didn't want to go on air but this actually brought a tear to my eye..... Here's what he said, pretty well word-for-word.... 'I was born in Germany during World War Two - my mum was English. My earliest memory is of being in a pram in a long queue of refugees trying to flee for England - all around me the sky was red from burning buildings...... and then I remember being on a big, noisy ship with my mum and because I was crying a soldier gave me a piece of chocolate.....'


Merry Christmas from me. Thanks for listening x





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