I KNEW this was asking for trouble.... :-)

Oh, such filth - my mother would SO have told me off! It was ASKING for trouble.... looking for your suggestions as to what song the DJ might have been playing when somebody's mum ''had an accident'' on the dance floor at a wedding..... (and it wasn't just a wee!) I hardly dare reveal the following - but I will, being as it's you;

Big Log.....If you've gotta go, go now!.....A little bit of soap..... Float on (Waaaa-hahahahaaaaaaa! :-) )..... Slip-sliding away..... Chain reaction..... ''Anything from Dirty Dancing''..... I can't keep it in..... Stuck on you.....  Graham's message was ''Dave, how about that old Morecambe and Wise comedy song where they went Bum-pooh! Ya ta ta taaaa" ..... and then I just lost it when Stuart suggested 'Pick up the pieces'......That's it,  I'm not bringing you again :-)

In a show featuring more crudities than a vegetarian buffet we also discovered that the genteel world of chess has been rocked by a 'cheating' scandal after a Latvian player at the World Open was caught using his mobile phone in the loo - shock, horror! I believe they've since washed their hands of him.

I'm originally a Crewe lad and I see there's big news for Crewe-ites - a new station on the way when HS2 comes through. Local opinion is being sought as to what it should look like. If it takes as long as Sydney Bridge has taken we might as well just all get push-bikes! I can't help thinking there's more chance of a new W.H.Smiths than an HS2 but we'll see.....

And WHAT a weekend for sport! It's almost enough to make you want to join a gym. Almost.....

If I'm allowed back on after your behaviour this morning - well OK, mine too - I'll see you in the morning. I'm flushed with excitement already!



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