How's it go again?

Hello you fabulous thing..... Now EVERY breakfast show's done the old 'misheard lyrics' - Peter Kay pinched them off radio as well - but this morning on Signal 2 Breakfast we discovered a VERY funny Twitter stream where people admit to having heard well-known songs as something completely different all their lives.... apparently, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer was bullied by another reindeer named Olive, did you know? ('Olive - the other reindeer - used to laugh and call him names...'). Who doesn't love that fabulous Tina Turner classic 'What's love, Doctor Doo - Dooctor Doolittle?'  I played a George Harrison favourite from the 80s which from now on will be known as 'A goblin might sit on you' and here's the one that almost made me cry - the Clash with 'Rock the cat box' - WAAAAAAA-hahahahahaaaaaa! :-) Let's not forget Carly Simon flying a whippet to Nova Scotia either - or Bonnie Tyler's 'hero' - dressed on the right :-)

Sir Paul McCartney's writing a wonderful musical! He's making 'It's a wonderful life' into a musical - can't wait for that; the story is brilliant and with Macca getting creative it has to be a winner. Should open next year in the West End. (Sir Paul - none of those 15 minute 'Hey Jude' moments though eh?)

Stories you might have missed this morning include vegans and vegetarians being FURIOUS with a food company who've started selling jerky made out of horse meat; it's not so much the product, more the name they've chosen - 'My Brittle Pony'..... and a report from India tells us a man is recovering in hospital after being admitted following severe stomach pains.... inside him they found keys, a screwdriver and a KNIFE! Still, at least he wasn't short of iron.

Gotta go, there's a Friday breakfast show to prepare! See you from 6am - ''Alexa, play Signal 2 radio from Tune In!''

Dave J x



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