Has Paul developed a soggy bottom? :-)

Did you enjoy the 'Bake Off' final? Over one million LESS people watched it than saw last year's.... critics suggest it's lost some of its charm; we'd not heard of most of the technical challenge bakes and maybe the judges were a bit harsh. I would suggest that it's older folk who've switched off; I can see WHY they gave Noel the gig - to bring in a younger audience - but I suspect they've lost a lot more over-50s than they've brought-in under 30s... Sandy Toksvig is, of course, a goddess at whose tiny, flour-flecked slingbacks we should all genuflect :-) What we need are good old treacle tarts and perfect tin loaves! (And maybe Mary Berry sneaking-in to hide Pru's glasses....)

Speaking of bread... apparently, toast is our favourite smell - beating fresh coffee and freshly-mown grass. It reminds us of 'happy family breakfasts' (I don't recall having any of those myself!) Our favourite topping is butter - unsurprisingly - followed by cheese, eggs, jam, marmalade and baked beans. Blimey, no wonder we're getting fat - all those things on one piece of toast :-D

And yet more comestibles! Mince pie butty anyone? Morrison's have a 'minced pie flavour' sandwich on the go but it has CHEESE in it - I what's in their proper mince pies? :-)  They're also doing a 'Yorkshire pudding wrap' which sounds like a sure-fire Christmas number 1 to me - maybe that couple who did the sausage roll song could do something with it...

I love the story - from Japan, of all places - about the farmer who was quite alarmed to discover one of his cows had become a zebra overnight... until he discovered his friends had painted it for a laugh. The cow's fine, by the way and on the up-side the stripes are keeping the flies away so scientists are somewhat intrigued... If YOU happen to be a farmer this doesn't mean it's necessarily a good idea to slap a bit of Dulux all over your Fresians and turn them into zebras but it COULD be useful for supermarkets - a nice piece of steak with the bar code already on it...

Anyway, I can't hang around all day chatting with the likes of you - join me every weekday morning form 6 on Signal 2 and I'll ease you into the day with great songs and a bit of fun - signal2.co.uk / on your smart speaker and mobile / regional DAB & 1170AM.... make an effort 'cos I get up 'specially! :-)




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