''Giant steps are what you take...''

This morning on Signal 2 Breakfast we all wrinkled our noses in disgust upon discovering that astronauts have left lots of bags of POO on the moon's surface over the years - urgh! That's not very environmentally friendly is it? I could understand it if they'd taken an Alsation up there or something.... Just imagine the next person setting foot on the moon.... 'I'm stepping through the door! I'm just about to stand on the surface of the moo - oh God, who left THAT there? Look, it's gone all up me sock.....'  :-)

We gave The Wheel of Cheese a spin and Helen won Nantwich Show tickets for knowing that it landed on 'The birdie song' by The Tweets! She claimed her prize with a combination of pride and shame....

Two local pubs are in the news today and it's sad news for one, great news for the other.... The 'Pride of The Moorlands' in Leek - or 'The Herdsman' as it's also known - has closed it's doors for the last time; no more foaming pints, it's going to be bulldozed and there'll be new houses instead. It wasn't the prettiest pub 'cos it was built in the 60s but it's still a shame..... However, the old 'scruffy buffet' on the A34 at The Milehouse in Newcastle is being completely refurbished and re-opening under it's old name , 'The Milehouse' - yay! It used to be a Berni Inn back in the day so I'm hoping they also bring back the Black Forest Gateaux (maybe I should re-phrase that!) In an ideal world they'd also bring back The Dimsdale just up the road but being as it's now a Maccy Dees we'd need a time machine....

There's not been a great reaction to the revelation that the BBC and ITV are joining forces for a new 'pay to view' TV service called 'BritBox'. We being invited to pay all over AGAIN for BBC shows that we've already paid for - the making of them and the privilege of watching first time around. Get REAL, guys! I'll always defend the BBC - I worked for them a few years ago - but don't take the Mickey, eh? 

I'll make sure tomorrow morning's Signal 2 Breakfast isn't a repeat - with you from 6 :-)




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