Friday Breakfast fun :-)

I'm SO excited to be hosting a brilliant Saturday night party with amazing live music, a fantastic atmosphere and around 3000 other party people in beautiful Audlem this weekend! Join me for another brilliant 'Party On The Park' - an AMAZING Michael Jackson tribute with all your MJ favourites, Gambler rocking the field, our classic Abba mix in-between and a ruck of dance-party classics - it's not to be missed! Look for the Audlem Special Events Team page on here or Google 'Audlem Party On The Park' or ASET.... pack your picnic, chill your wine and we'll see you there..... TOMORROW! Woo hoooo!

''Auto-focusing'' spectacles are now a thing - wowser! Now we just need an auto ''ooh, make us a brew, will you?''

The secret Royal Christening has wound a few social media commentators up, I see.... it's not for the likes of us, apparently. We'll just pay for it and keep our noses out...... I suspect someone in the family's been listening to Signal 2 Breakfast and they're actually calling him Tyler after all :-)

This morning's favourite story - the driver of a hearse in the States who got nicked for driving solo in a ''car share'' lane and said the body in the back was his 'second person' - apparently the Policeman laughed so much he decided to let him off with a warning!

Have a weekend of wine, kittens and debauchery then.....till Monday....

DJ :-)

Cover art for Ladies Night

On Air

Rossie playing Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night