''Don't have that - you'll get germs!''

Do you wash your apples? On Signal 2 Breakfast this morning we discovered that the average apple contains 100 MILLION different kinds of bacteria - eurgh! However, most of them are in the core and many of the remaining ones are actually good (''Oh, you GOOD bacteria - here, have an apple! Oh - you've got one already...'') We need good bacteria so have an apple today BUT give it a wash first - it actually says in the report ''a thorough wash'' so I might do mine with Mr Muscle and a pan scrubber.

Hands up if you're 'hot stuff' in the bedroom at the moment.... phew! Same here. Yesterday I found a few tips on-line for getting a bit of sleep when the weather's hot, one of which was freezing the bed sheets for ten minutes before putting them back on the bed before getting in - listener Samantha offered to put it to the test. The result? Five minutes of bliss and then back to normal! Ah well. Listener Kev swears by crushed ice in a hot water bottle so maybe we'll persuade Sam to test-drive that one as well :-)

I see also that you can now buy 'freezer slippers' - they have gel inside; you put them in with your frozen peas then pop them on your feet for a little frosty frivolity. Whatever you do though, don't get confused by the heat - I don't want you schlepping round the house in a couple of chicken fillets.

It'll be a joy and a privilege for yo... er, for me to wake you up tomorrow morning on Signal 2 - there'll be one last spin of the 'Wheel of Cheese' to win tickets for the fabulous Nantwich Show! See you from 6.... "Alexa! Play Signal 2 Radio from Tune-In!"



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