Did you wake up with me today? :-)

How are you doing?

Stevie Wonder....... we all sort of grew up with him, didn't we? His music's always been there.... anyway, he's revealed he's awaiting a kidney transplant and the whole world seems to be sending him love today. Stevie is 69 now - 69??? How did THAT happen? I still think of him as being about 30 with the dreadlocks and beads in his hair....

There's continuing unhappiness with Prince Harry and Mrs Harry in the papers this morning after that VERY private Christening - Harry's now rubbed our noses in it by going on social media to say ''How LOVELY it was to spend time with Archie's Godparents'' - but WE aren't even allowed to know who they are! (How much was your big extension again, Harry and Mrs Harry? You know, the one we've just all paid for? Only sayin'.....)

I see some of this year's Glastonbury stars are giving the clothes they wore on stage to Oxfam - other stars are joining in, too - it's to flag-up the issues caused by so-called 'throwaway fashion' and encourage us to check-out our local charity shops instead. Imagine - Kylie's frock in the charity shop............. ''Ooooh - I MUST try this on''..... ''But sir - you're 6 foot 4 with a 42 inch waist....'' ''Ah go on, go on......'' (sigh) - ''Well, maybe just stick one leg in.....''

Apparently an increasing number of young people are 'joint-buying' properties so they can afford to get on the property ladder - in the paper today is the story of 7 friends doing just that (it's a big house btw).... never going to work, is it? Toilet seat left up.... leaving the bath dirty..... ''Who's eaten me Dairy Milk?'' ''Ooooh - she NEVER washes up properly!" Bet you any money it's 7 separate flats within a couple of years :-)

I MUST just say a big 'Thank you' if you were part of the MASSIVE crowd at the superb 'Party on the park' event in Audlem over the weekend - never been made to feel so welcome on the stage for ages and Oh! WHAT a smashing time we had. I'm still recovering now! 

Anyway - must crack-on with some ironing and I'll see you in the morning. Keep yourself pure for me :-)  

Dave J  x

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