Come back, Pauline!

Good to be back on Signal 2 Breakfast where this morning we discovered that Sophia and Oliver are the most popular baby names in England right now, with Grace and Arthur both flying up the charts as well - but Maureen is out, along with Kenneth and Pauline.... and if you're a Terry or a Barry you're becoming quite exclusive now! Apparently JASPER is in for boys - eh? Jasper? Makes me think of Wedgewood! You'd HAVE to have 'Carrot' as the second name, surely....

Government cash for Newcastle-Under-Lyme - yay! On Thursday I used the Midway car park and it was awash - no, not like that although it is a bit whiffy sometimes - with men in suits and hi-vis vests who were clutching clip boards and writing stuff down. Nobody asked me about Hellman's mayonnaise so I'm rather hoping they might be doing something about the ongoing grafitti problem and the old, vandalised ticket machines which give anyone visiting for the first time a TERRIBLE impression of what is actually a beautiful little town.... Also, with the 'new' money maybe they'll buy a few more buckets to join to 20-odd already being used to catch the water that pours-into The Roebuck Centre every time it rains. Just a suggestion.

Mrs Hinch tells us to buy dishwasher tablets even if we haven't got a dishwasher! We haven't got one - well, apart from me - but apparently a tablet in your white washing load will remove even the most stubborn muck. Worth a try, do you think? Have you a nice, white shirt or blouse with a bit of spag bol stain that won't come out of it? A dishwasher tablet does the trick. Shame you can't pop the kids in there too after you've given them spaghetti Bolognese  :-)  (Don't even think about it! Just give them a wipe with the dish cloth!)

Monday from 6 it is then.... ''Alexa! Play Signal 2 Radio from Tune In!"

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