Cheese please!

Signal 2's 'Wheel of Cheese' has been absurdly popular - I suspect it's a combination of wanting to win tickets for Nantwich Show and the secret joy of knowing what the beginning of 'Agadoo' sounds like.... anyway, it all got a bit out of hand today as we asked 'Which cheesy old song do you REALLY love?' and oh boy, do we LOVE 'em! The Nolans, 'Barbie girl', a ride on the Venga Bus, a 60s groove to 'The monster mash'.... 'Tarzan boy' and 'Una paloma blanca' were mentioned with fondness and slight embarrassment...... We couldn't resist playing 'Japanese boy' all the way through but I could only bring myself to play a snippet of 'I'm only a poor little sparrow'. Thought; - we COULD have a Friday Cheeseboard song every week to get us ready for the weekend - what do you think? Or is that idea just a load of old Dooleys?

We're being told that a handful of nuts could be just the thing to get you in the mood for love. Walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds are apparently just the thing for igniting a little passion - who knew? With all that Alpen being scoffed early doors no wonder people are late for work.

When I heard about 'Royal sauces' being in the news my first thought was 'Ooh - Bernaise and Bechemal' but it turns out to be SOURCES telling us that the two Duchesses, Meghan and Kate are now the best of friends - baby talk, posh coffee - after something of a bumpy period (if you believe the papers, that is). There's nothing in this report about Her Majesty the Queen reading them both the riot act but it doesn't take a lot of working out, does it? :-) 

Sadly, the Frenchman who wanted to cross The Channel on a sort of flying skateboard has failed in his quest - he fell into the sea but is determined to give it another go. Maybe we could all just club together and send him on Easy Jet....

As always, it's been a pleasure waking you up this week with Signal 2's Breakfast Show - shall we do it again on Monday? See you from 6!

DJ  :-)  x


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