'Anything is possible....' (well, almost)

We're very excited here at Signal 2 - Will Young is live for us this Friday 12th August at Betley Court Farm; if you fancy it, follow the link on the front page. However, I'm still not sure whether or not Will's speaking to me.... !

Cast your mind back to the early days of Will's career - the TV show, the string of number 1's, the adulation - and now imagine the filthiest, wet night IMAGINABLE for an outdoor gig.... I used to host Alton Towers' firework events and every year we'd bring a host of chart acts with us to perform live on stage across the week - it was great fun. However, the night Will was booked to perform the HEAVENS opened - and I mean opened! It lashed it down! Fortunately, we were still given clearance to go ahead with the event as it wasn't too windy for the pyrotechnics but the rain turned the field into a bog... squishy, muddy.... most folk had turned-up in their wellies so were ok and the night went fabulously, despite the weather - we larked around with 'Singing in the rain' and similar songs. The crowd were WILD for Will, he went down a storm ( ! ) but we had a little problem - the stage was slap bang in the middle of a muddy field, the 'green room' was a fair way off and usually easy to walk to BUT the pathway had turned into a small, slippery river - and Will was dressed beautifully from head-to-toe in white....

The Red Cross Ambulance team were delighted to welcome Will to the back of their vehicle and trundle him unceremoniously across the field! Will, however - to say the least - wasn't best impressed.... next day we even got an earful off his record company!
I'm sure time has healed the memory for Will and I know it'll be a FANTASTIC gig at Betley on Friday. Just do me a favour - if you DO see a red Cross ambulance on the field, can you attract Will's attention and get him to look the other way? :-)