A wee break in the sunshine...

Fancy sleeping in a bed suspended just above the surface of the sea? I'm not sure it'd catch on at Ffrith Beach but this morning on Signal 2 Breakfast we discovered a hotel in The Maldives with 'outside' beds - not sun-beds, the ones you sleep in at night! Thing is, though.... the sound of those waves lapping all night.... a few drinks before bedtime.... you know what happens when you hear water.... Mind you, you're outdoors, over the sea and sleeping on a net - not really worth getting out of bed.... :-)

It's been 'Have a go at Meghan Markle' day in the papers over her special edition of Vogue magazine - I won't go into the whys and wherefores but I DO reckon she's missed a trick; it's all about 'inspirational women' and there are lots of them deservedly featured BUT.... no members of the Royal family. Nobody called Elizabeth. Hmmmmm.... bit of a glaring omission? Tell you what, Meghan - here's a bow and arrow - just aim it at your own foot....

Stars in the news today include the goddess Diana Ross who's now 75 and recording a new album; you might expect it to be old stuff and cover versions but no - get her! It's to be a fresh, dance-y album produced by Mark Ronson - can't wait for that..... and Blue's Duncan James is going into the jungle this year. Bit of a hunk is Duncan but he's let slip that he's terrified of snakes.... let's hope there are no politicians eh?

If you're shopping in Newcastle-under-Lyme today then buy me something nice if you like BUT be careful if you park on Goose Street - the car-parking charges are BACK and it's not free any more! Phoooo. Don't be a goose, remember to pay!

Have a gander at Signal 2 Breakfast - back from 6 tomorrow morning!


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