Travellers return to Wolstanton Marsh

Travellers have set up another camp in part of Newcastle.

The unauthorised camp is by the children's playground at Wolstanton Marsh.

The Borough Council has already evicted other groups from the site in recent weeks.

The authority says it has served an initial notice, and are now waiting on confirmation of a court date to apply for an eviction notice.

A Borough Council spokesperson said: "The Council recognises that the arrival of travellers causes unrest and tensions in communities – this happens across the country, not just in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

"To organise an eviction a set procedure has to be followed, in accordance with the law. The Council is continuing to work quickly to serve initial notices – requiring travellers to leave a site – and securing the earliest court hearing date available, to apply for an eviction order, if the first contact is ignored. It also has to carry out welfare visits."

It comes just a couple of weeks after the Borough Council and Staffordshire Police agreed a 10-point action plan to strengthen their working relationship when it comes to tackling unauthorised encampments.

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