Talke based Reliance Medical now making hand sanitiser

Photo: Google Street View

As demand for hand sanitiser grows, Reliance Medical in Talke is now starting to make it - along with another of its sites in Yorkshire.

The firm acquired the business, which produces items including alcohol based hand sanitiser, at Christmas time out of administration.

They are now creating a mirrored production line at their site in Talke.

Engineers have been commissioning machines for the work to take place.

Chief Executive Andy Pear said: "We currently have an order book in excess of £5 million just on hand sanitiser.

"We are working with the NHS, retailers and distributors."

After the decision to temporarily close the doors of its sister companies - Pecks Restaurant near Congleton, and The Wheatsheaf at Sandbach - staff from those sites have been helping efforts.

"All of the staff there have volunteered to come and work for Reliance temporarily and help produce this essential product that is saving lives", he added.

"I have been quite touched by the response.

"We offered our staff this opportunity before we knew about the Government help, so they could all quite easily take the support and take the 80% of their salary and stay at home.

"But every single one of them has said they want to do their bit."

The challenge for the company now is to find large supplies of the raw materials, including alcohol, to make the product.

There is a dedicated sourcing team trying to get hold of it, as well as things like bottles and caps. 

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