Stoke-on-Trent drug dealer jailed after calling police to his home

A Stoke-on-Trent man has been jailed, after being caught with Class A drugs.

22-year-old Shako Khalid, of Ashford Street in Shelton, was arrested on 4 March after calling the police to report a man was banging on his door and threatening him.

When they arrived Khalid handed them a large quantity of drugs and said he had been asked to take care of them. He claimed he did not know what was in the packages, a court heard.

His address was searched and officers found a check list with references to both small and large deals of crack cocaine and heroin which were seized along with a mobile phone belonging to Khalid.

In total £2,140 worth of Class A drugs were found at the home.

He was found guilty at Stafford Crown Court of two counts of possession with intent to sell class A drugs, and was sentenced to five and a half years behind bars.

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