Service to remember those who died in mining disaster

Those who perished in one of North Staffordshire's biggest mining disaster's are being remembered later.

On July 2, 1937 a fire at the coalface at Holditch Colliery in Chesterton, led to two miners being trapped underground.

Despite the obvious dangers, their colleagues set about trying to rescue them.

The trapped men, and 28 of their would-be rescuers, were all killed, either by the toxic fumes or the subsequent explosions. 8 others were seriously injured.

Following the disaster, in the October of that year Scottish football champions Rangers travelled to the Victoria Ground to play Stoke City in a benefit match, raising £2,000 for the victims relief fund.

In addition, Ezra Clarke, captain of the Holditch rescue team, was awarded the Empire Medal, which was later re-designated as the George Cross.

The event at Apedale Heritage Centre begins at 6pm and will be led by the Reverend Simon Boxall from the Holy Trinity Chesterton and St Chads, Red Street. 


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