No time frame on when Festival Park flyover will reopen

We still don't know when the A53 Festival Park flyover in Etruria will reopen.

Experts are looking at the results of tests carried out on crumbling reinforced concrete on one of its joints.

A city council spokesman said: “We’ve received the laboratory report on the samples taken from the bridge’s concrete deck, and a specialist is now interpreting the test results within the report for us. This is detailed work and we are expecting their conclusions soon. The findings will ultimately determine whether we can push on with repair work, or if more tests are needed in other areas of the bridge.

“We are closely monitoring the impact of the closure on traffic and we want works completed as soon as possible, for the benefit of all road users. However, it is important to note that the work that is now being undertaken is the most thorough inspection and detailed programme of improvements since the bridge was built.

"It is right that we are taking these steps, and unfortunately it is taking a considerable amount of time to complete. We cannot yet give a time frame for when these works will be completed but will continue to provide regular updates on progress and we thank motorists for their continued patience.”

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