MP hits out at fellow Members of Parliament following vote in the Commons

Stoke south MP Jack Brereton says he is deeply disappointed that the Labour MP's representing parts of North Staffordshire have voted to back Jeremy Corbyn's Surrender Bill paving the way for a further delay to Brexit.

It was a double blow for Boris Johnson after his plan to have a snap general election next month was been rejected in the Commons.

The Prime Minister had called for a poll to be held on October the 15th. 

It was his second defeat of the day - after MPs passed a bill aimed at blocking a no-deal Brexit. 

Jack Brereton said: "This proposed law would hand control of our Brexit negotiations to the EU, binding the hands of the Prime Minister to accept 'immediately' any extension to EU membership offered by the EU and wrecking any chance of achieving a mutually-beneficial exit agreement.

“This Bill is the latest attempt by MPs who do not respect the result of the 2016 referendum to frustrate and cancel Brexit altogether. Ruth Smeeth, Paul Farrelly and Gareth Snell have today turned their backs on their constituents, who voted to leave the EU by a large majority.

“Now is the time for MPs of all parties to get behind Boris Johnson and deliver Brexit on 31st October. We do not want an election, but if MPs cannot support the Government, a general election is the only way to resolve this impasse.”

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