Demolition of former East-West Precinct near completion

Demolition of the former East-West Precinct in Hanley is almost compete after the bulldozers moved in earlier this year.

Most of the site has now been cleared and the rubble is being processed and removed from the site, with works expected to be completed within the next six weeks.

The future of the site is still to be decided, but it has been confirmed by Stoke-on-Trent City Council that in the short term the land will be turned over for car parking.

Planning applications for the car park are in the process of being submitted to the City Council's planning department and it is hoped that the facility will be completed by the end of the year.

In the meantime members of the authority will be discussing what the final use of the area will be, with the already proposed arena concept still very much the favoured long-term choice.

Councillor Daniel Jellyman, Cabinet member for Regeneration, Infrastructure and Heritage said: "We don't want the site to lay empty. We don't want the it to become another brownfield site where nothing happens.

"We've got the political will and the motivation to make sure we develop the site and we will do it."

It is hoped that the redevelopment will bring much needed jobs and economic growth to Hanley, with an entertainment arena and conference centre spoken about in suggested proposals.

Councillor Jellyman added: "We're the only city with a ten acre site primed and ready for redevelopment. We've had a lot of interest from developers so far.

"We will be working with a number of partners over the next few months to firm up our proposals and we will hopefully make a public announcement before the end of the year.

"Then we'll crack on and develop the site."

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