23 knives handed in to police in Crewe during week of action

Police in Cheshire say more knives are now off the county's streets, following a week of action.

Over the course of the week two people were arrested for knife possession and 23 knives were surrendered at Crewe Police Station.

A temporary section 60 order, which allowed officers increased powers to stop and search people in the Nantwich Road area of the town, resulted in 38 people being stopped.

Three of those people were arrested, one for possession of an offensive weapon, one for drug driving and one for possession of drugs.

As part of Operation Sceptre, across the county officers visited the homes of those who are known to be involved in knife crime as well as working with partner agencies, such as Trading Standards, to speak to shop owners about the Challenge 25 campaign to stop the sale of knives to under 18s.

They also went into schools across the county to talk to schoolchildren about the dangers of knives.

Superintendent Richard Rees said: “Knife crime is not an issue that is unique to Cheshire and it is worth reiterating that Cheshire has one of the lowest number of knife crime incidents in the country.

“However, any incident involving a knife has the potential to have fatal consequences which is why we are still working so hard with our partners to educate the public and young people to stop carrying knives.”

Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, David Keane, said: “We have seen a huge effort from officers across the county taking action to help tackle knife crime.

“I’m pleased to see that a lot of effort has gone into educating youngsters about the issue and that we have been working closely with partners such as Trading Standards and Crimestoppers to spread those messages, as well as using stop and search powers and being proactive in taking knives off our streets.”

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