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Signal Radio is the leading commercial radio station in Staffordshire and Cheshire with more listeners tuning in to us than any other commercial radio station. We pride ourselves on being local, local news, local traffic & travel, and local business. This means that if local people are important to you then Signal Radio can help.

We offer high frequency advertising campaigns with little wastage, we will use our wealth of experience to create tailor made marketing solutions that will help your business to achieve its objectives.


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The time of day, the days of the week, the weeks of the month and months of the year all play part of the consideration when planning effective radio schedules. It’s as important as the commercial itself. One will not work well without the other. A great ad needs a great schedule too.

Our team of highly trained Account Managers, Planners and Traffic teams all work together using the latest industry software and technologies to ensure the creative design, effective planning and solid delivery of your airtime campaigns.


Music, Celebrity Voices, Sound Effects, Stories, Themes, Scenarios, and even silence all play a part in the vast amount of amazing things we do in radio commercials.

Our industry Award Winning Production Hub in Stoke-On-Trent supports our team of Award Winning writers, based at each station. This fully integrated team means you get the best ideas, written by a local writer and then brought to life through state-of-the-art production techniques.

Our flair and passion for creative, powerful, entertaining and memorable radio commercials will achieve massive stand-out for you in your local market.


We have dedicated teams of Event experts at each station and we are brilliant at bringing radio to life for any event or promotion.

Huge feel-good events such as Local Culture and Lifestyle Awards, Local Hero Awards and various charity fundraising events mean that we know how to rock a party, and help give something back too. On air promotions are a great way to really engage our audience with something that is interactive, fun to listen to and can be great water-cooler conversation starters and social media chatter fuel.


Our listeners have great relationships with our Local radio stations. They know us for Local presenters, Local Traffic and Travel, Local Weather, Local Sport and Local events. These all offer an opportunity to become engrained in the hearts and minds of the listeners on a hugely emotional level.

Your business, brand, product or service can become part of the fabric of the station and this powerful relationship. Long-term, it can create a position in the mind that can deliver huge value to your ‘Top-of-Mind’ recall.


Adding a digital element to any campaign is crucial and our digital production team can create an online campaign that will deliver results.

Thanks to our great relationship with our listeners, our online campaigns typically deliver over 3 times* the interaction and engagement compared to other websites.

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*Google benchmark tools Jul 2015 ave CTR 0.07%


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Our clients love Signal 1 and Signal2. They love how creative we are and how focused we are in making ‘Radio’ a successful experience.

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"I've always loved the help and guidance that I've had from Signal radio. The support I've had has been marvellous. It's taken my business from strength to strength and I can see the response straight away."

Wayne- Wayne Walker

"I love the help and guidance I've had from all the team at Signal radio. My account manager really understands my business which has had a real impact on our sales. They have increased by 15% since I started advertising with signal radio"

Paul - Fords of Windsford

Meet your commercial team

We have a team of talented, creative people at Signal Radio and here are a selection of people who may work on your marketing brief.

Client Management Team

This is the client management team of Account Managers at Signal 1 and Signal 2. They get involved in all aspects of establishing local business needs and helping the creative and SPI teams come up with the most powerful radio campaign ideas.


This is the specialist SPI team at Signal 1 and Signal 2. Working closely with Simon and his team of presenters; they design powerful opportunities that can help local businesses stand out from the ad break and touch our audience in a special way. These guys really do know to bring radio to life.


The creative team are the guys that work magic in scripts, words, music, sound effects, and are key in making your message really stand out on air. If you want mind blowing, ear-pricking, creative commercials for your campaign, then they love thinking different to really make you stand out.


Our Digital team have over 25 years experience providing online marketing solutions that engage audiences. In radio terms this completes the full multi-media mix; vital in today’s online world. From Design, Campaign Planning and Content Creation, the team can help you through the Digital radio environment.

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